I'm Karen & I'm 15 years old. I love the band Hole, Courtne love, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, chocolate & makeup
Watching: Dexter
Obsessed with: Nail Art
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hi i'm karen & this is my lame blog

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Want to be a part of The Elite? Read Bellow!

What is The Elite? :

The Elite is a group of friends who help each other out whenever we need it! We talk to each other, we become close to each other and we do promos together, and stuff.

How do I get in the Elite? :

Reblog this how many ever times you want! But no more than 15 times

No likes or else you will be ignored.

You MBF :

& The more you reblog the more we will notice you!

If you want a better chance of getting in make a post saying why you would want to get in and tell us about yourself then, tag it “ thexxelite

Your blog style doesn’t matter, or your follower count. 

We’ll be looking through your faqs to see if you’re nice to your followers. (It’s okay if you don’t have a faq)

If you have any questions you can ask HERE or HERE

 We’ll be choosing when this gets a decent amount of notes.

We’ll be accepting 2-4 blogs to join us! 

So good luck & get reblogging!

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