I'm Karen & I'm 16 years old. I love the band Hole, Courtne love, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, nail art & makeup
Watching: Project Runway, Finding Carter, idk lots more
Obsessed with: Nail Art
sammydress Sheinside - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe Choies-The latest street fashion Jewelry and more eyeboxs - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
On a hiatus, but I'll be updating my queue once in a while
Changed my theme & added these tabs
updated my faves page, check it out!

hi i'm karen & this is my lame blog

Wren crop top / ドットプリントミニスカート / Flats sandals, $105 / Barbour leather handbag, $315 / Michael Kors watch / Cross ring / House of Harlow 1960 black cat eye sunglasses, $175 / Stila eyeshadow
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